We have developped a new SLS ( Selective Laser Sinterit ) material in our range.

Carbon Fill PA12 Nylon.

Carbon fiber is a material made up of extremely thin fibers of carbon. 
The fibers with a thickness of about 5 - 10 micrometers consist of elongated carbon crystals. 
The fiber is characterized by a very small stretch before the fiber breaks. Several thousand fibers are twisted into yarn, which is coated with another material, in this case PA12 Nylon for SLS printing . 

The fibers provide a reinforcement of the PA12 Nylon for the manufacture of very strong and light composites. 
Carbon fiber has the advantage that it does not oxidize under the influence of water and oxygen. It has a significantly lower density than steel, a high tensile strength and a low coefficient of expansion. 
These properties make carbon fiber composites very suitable for applications where low weight, high strength and high rigidity are required.
Such as in: 
    * aviation 
    * the car industry 
    * sports equipment, such as poles, rowing boats, bicycles, fishing rods, masts and booms for         windsurfing boards and sailing yachts.

We also have this carbon fill material for our FDM printers. 
We use the PETG Carbon fill filament. 

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